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When you first spark up conversation with someone you met through your online dating site of choice, the messages you send back and forth can be one of the most exciting aspects of the entire process. Upon receiving so many witty and perfectly calculated messages you proceed to forward them to all your friends as a way of bragging about how great your potential partner is. But eventually, the day comes where your subject of interest simply stops writing and disappears off the face of the internet. And if you’ve already met them in person, the possibility of this happening can be a lot worse. That’s usually when desperation kicks in.

However, before allowing yourself to get all up and arms over his virtual disappearance, think about this small tidbit: are you expecting a little too much from technology and forgetting about the personal aspects of dating? Here are just a few instances where you shouldn’t be communicating via email. Consider it your personal dating guide.

1. Do Not Just Write Out Of Habit – Just because your subject of interest has failed to contact you, don’t resort to sending him a funny video or link as a way of capturing his attention. Your intentions – and desperation – will be crystal clear. You can then be sure that they will never get in touch with you again.

2. You’re Not Sure Of His Intentions – Consider the possibility that if they stopped writing, it probably means they lost interest for one reason or another. If you’re unsure of their reaction in receiving an email from you, perhaps its best to avoid it altogether. Your instincts can often speak louder than words.

3. You Know That ‘In Person’ Is Better – If you already know the person you’re communicating with and know that whatever you’d like to discuss would be better done in person, than forget about pressing ‘send’. By messaging them online, you’ll increase the chances of miscommunication and ambiguity. Both unfavorable factors when a serious conversation is concerned.